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ACH vs. Credit Cards – The Right Choice For Tech Support Companies

Credit cards may rule the transaction world, but electronic checks are on the rise.

Last year, customers made nearly 23 billion Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments—a 5 percent increase over the previous year—and transferred more than $40 trillion via e-checks. As more consumers realize the benefits of e-checks over credit cards (they’re quicker, faster and easier […]

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E-Wallet Payment Processing – What Business Owners Need to Know [Infographic]

Look anywhere and you will someone on their smartphone. Old or young, mobile rules the world. With that in mind, consumer purchasing trends are advancing beyond physical wallets and plastic cards. Shoppers are now able to utilize electronic payments through their cellular phones. Consumers are able to store their credit and debit cards in their […]

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Benefits to Accepting NFC Payments at Your Business

Faced with dwindling sales at its brick-and-mortar stores, Whole Foods adopted Apple Pay as part of its digital strategy to attract customers. In the year since, the company has seen a 400 percent leap in mobile payments—and achieved an all-time record sales of $4.7 billion in the first quarter of 2015.

It’s all about convenience. Accepting […]

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Interchange Pricing for Non-Profits: Special Pricing

Non-profit organizations often conduct their fundraising online while working towards their financial goals. In order to do this it is imperative that your organization accepts credit cards to make it even easier for people to donate to your cause.  This can be a great way to go, but do you really know what fees you’re […]

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IConnect: An All in One POS Solution for Your Salon

As a salon owner, it’s tough to keep up with the trends in hairstyling, makeup and beauty.  Think about all of the trends in recent years just in hair color – that purple-gray “granny” hair look, the ombre look, different types of highlighting… the list goes on.  And we haven’t even touched upon makeup trends! […]

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Discover the Benefits of Bitcoin Payment Processing

We live and work in a global world. It’s no wonder that many of today’s consumers are hungry for a digital currency that allows person-to-person transactions across borders—without governments or big banks getting in the middle.

Bitcoin, the first and most popular form of decentralized virtual currency, satisfies that demand by enabling fast, easy transactions over […]

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Interchange Plus Pricing – What is it?

Interchange plus sounds like something that would be crowded with cars during rush hour, but it’s actually an important concept to know if you accept credit cards in your business.

First, it would be helpful to understand what the term interchange means.  The term refers to the credit card processing rates that are set by card […]

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Breadcrumb Restaurant POS

The shipment of Maine lobster didn’t come in on time… the chocolate mousse cake isn’t silky smooth… the host booked three parties of 15, all at 6:30 pm! Yikes! There’s plenty to worry about in the day-to-day operations of running a restaurant.  However, accepting credit card payments shouldn’t be one of them.  With Breadcrumb Point […]

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Bankcard Brokers Offers iConnect POS System


When business owner Shannon Seip moved her health-food café from Wisconsin to Seattle, switching to an iPad-based point of sale system was “a cost-saving no-brainer.” And she’s not the only one who thinks so.

Mobile point of sale is “the single fastest moving trend in retail since internet was added to the stores,” says Forbes. The […]

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Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts [Infographic]

The Nutraceutical Industry Often Struggles with Merchant Accounts to Accept Credit Cards.  

Recently, for instance, one of the world’s largest acquiring (or processing) banks shut down their entire portfolio of nutraceutical merchant accounts leaving thousands of legitimate domestic and international nutritional supplement manufacturers without a means to service their customers.  Having a merchant account provider […]

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How to Find the Best Adult Merchant Services

Whether you are in the Adult Industry or looking to start up your Adult business, one thing you will need is a merchant account to accept credit cards which can be an incredibly difficult task.  Why are adult merchant accounts to accept credit cards so difficult to get, maintain, and keep?  What can you can […]

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The EMV Liability Shift and Your Business

EMV, Apple Pay, NFC, chip cards, chip and PIN, IC Cards …..

Are you feeling confused?  All you want to do is to do what you do best – run your business and be able to accept credit cards! Bankcard Brokers is here to help!

Well, there is a deadline for businesses to upgrade their Point […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Take Credit Cards Today

Top 10 Reasons to Start Accepting Credit Cards Today
Whether you are offering online services, or are located primarily offline, it is a good idea to start accepting credit cards. There are many instances when shoppers want to buy something now, and can’t – because you do not accept credit cards. You can increase the amount […]

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Industry Tips january 2013

Are you working with an ISO that hides fees? Isn’t working in the best interest of you OR your client? Do you get calls about “surprise fees” popping up in your merchant’s statements?

We’ve seen a disturbing trend in the industry of late with some hidden and heretofore “not mentioned to the agent” fees that are […]

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High Risk Tips

High Risk Industry Business Tips for 2013

High Risk Merchant Processing 101
Many domestic merchant account providers deny payment processing to high risk merchants. As nearly every business depends on the ability to accept credit card payments, we are here to make that possible for merchants in high risk industries.
For many companies, effective payments capabilities can […]

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