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Online Gaming Merchant Account- How To Beat The Odds

To an acquiring bank an online gaming business represents a multitude of less than appealing situations. The rules and regulations are inconsistent from state to state and are continually changing. These types of sites are generally an easy target for credit card fraud. Unfortunately, online gambling sites fall victim to a higher instance of data […]

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Tech Support Payment Processing – Finally Something You Can Rely On!

As we find we are incorporating more and more technology in our lives, were are also finding more need for the tech support companies that service the industry. And they are not just needed when something goes wrong. Tech support is also who you call when you need to get certain parts of your business […]

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How To Accept Credit Cards Online The Easy (And Right) Way

Opening an online store, or just ready to monetize your existing website? Maybe you have a brick and mortar shop and you’d like to start selling some of your products online as well. Sure you can accept PayPal on your website and even take payments through ACH, but there are a lot of studies that […]

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Nutraceuticals-They Might As Well Be Weed

How Banks Are Blacklisting Nutracuetical Companies And What They Can Do About It.
A few months ago we published an article about how difficult it is for companies in the Nutraceutical Industry to qualify for and keep a merchant account to allow them to sell their goods and take payments for said goods. One would think […]

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Sorry John Hancock, “no signature required”.

If you’re a merchant in the United States you’re probably already well aware of the new credit card signature requirements, or lack there-of, coming into effect next month. But, if for some reason you’ve been too busy, haven’t paid attention to the news, or maybe you’ve just been on vacation-since last October- and have not […]

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Why Add Fraud Costs To Your 2018 Budget Plan?

Is credit card fraud something that crosses your mind when you think about what it takes to run your business?

Well if it isn’t, it most definitly should be. Various different types of credit card fraud costs businesses billions of dollars annually and has been increasing every year since 2013. It is estimated that fraud […]

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