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Visa’s Tightening The Noose On Merchant Chargebacks

Visa is letting merchants know: clean house by Oct 1st, or else.

Visa and MasterCard both set thresholds for the amount of chargebacks and fraudulent incidences they will allow a business to have, before action must be taken. Now they are tightening the noose so to speak on just how much they will allow merchants to […]

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Why Do You Need A Credit Card Processor?

And What Do They Do For Me Anyway?
As a merchant have you ever wondered how credit card processing really works? Probably not.

But, what you probably have wondered at least once in your life as a business owner is why you have to pay so much, or why it is hard to get approved for […]

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The 3 Best Options For Cannabis Payment Processing Right Now

The Cannabis industry has no doubt made a permanent impact upon the national economy. There are currently 47 states with legalized cannabis, in one form or another, and still we are trying to gain access to banking and payments for the industry.

As the cannabis industry steadily plows forward it is likely there will be […]

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