Big Data-Small Business

SMBs should be using their data to drive business.
These days it is common knowledge that big data is a humongous resource for businesses, and with that it is also well known that large corporations are utilizing the data they collect, and even buy, to their advantage to market more effectively to consumers and achieve exponential […]

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PCI Compliance – Do It Right, Avoid Paying Non-Compliance Fees

What is PCI Compliance and why do you have to do it?
PCI compliance applies to any merchant who wants to accept any kind of payment other than cash. For merchants, being PCI Compliant refers to maintaining the security standards set forth by the Payment Card Industry. 

These standards are collectively referred to as the PCI’s Data Security Standards, or PCI-DSS. Every business that wants to accept credit card payments is required to comply with these standards for following best practices for secure transactions and for protecting their customers card data and private information. 

As you can see, the ultimate goal of PCI Compliance is to make it much more difficult for hackers to gain access to the customer’s sensitive data by implementing multiple layers of security.

In addition to implementing security measures for safe transactions, merchants are required to fill out an annual Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) as part of their compliance. eCommerce merchants are also required to complete a vulnerability scan which will perform an in-depth review of the merchants security environment each quarter. This questionnaire is generally where most merchants end up falling out of compliance and costing themselves a fine. 
How to be compliant and avoid PCI Non-Compliance Fees.
A lot of people tend to think that the fee for non-compliance is just used as an expensive reminder for merchants or a convenient way for processors to make extra money. This is far from the case. Besides the fact that security measures are paramount for the customer’s safety as well as the business, fraud is extremely costly. But in the event that there were a data breach with a merchant who is not making an effort to maintain the security standards set forth by PCI, the card networks will actually charge the processor for the lack of compliance on the merchants part. In this way, a PCI Non-Compliance fee is a way for the processor to help to ensure that their merchants are maintaining a secure network, taking steps to protect cardholder information, and implementing strong access control measures in order to avoid being fined themselves. Especially since it is so easy to just be compliant! 

Since the annual Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is where most merchants fall into the trap of non-compliance, it is important for processors and merchant service providers to help merchants realize that this questionnaire is important for them to take care of and not just a volunteer assessment, but it is also important for merchants to stay proactive and do what is necessary to ensure they are taking the security of their transactions seriously.

The SAQ is simply a collection of standard identifying questions about the business that will include the request for information such as all business locations that are accepting card payments, what type of business it is and the type of payments you are collecting, as well as basic vendor information. Since this questionnaire needs to be filled out annually merchants can easily set up a calendar reminder to help to make sure they are completing it on time each year.  
How can we help our merchants become and remain PCI Compliant?
How does Bankcard Brokers provide merchants with support and guidance where PCI Compliance is concerned? 

First of all, Bankcard Brokers never uses compliance fees as a revenue center. Any Non-Compliance fee is initiated by the acquiring bank, or their certified assessor, that our clients hold their merchant account with and are simply passed on to the merchant. It is always our main goal to help our merchants affordably accept credit card payments while maintaining the highest level of security for their customers and their own business.

Retail merchants have the majority of their security measures, and therefor compliance, built in to their secure payment processing solution. When it comes time for a merchant to complete their SAQ we will reach out by way of a reminder email as well as notifications on their monthly statement to help to remind them to complete the questionnaire on time. In the event that we receive notice that a merchant has failed to complete their SAQ and subsequently become non compliant, we will then reach out to them by phone and urge them to become compliant.

In addition to the SAQ, eCommerce merchants will also need to make sure they are completing a vulnerability scan. This scan must be completed quarterly with a company that is certified by their processor as a PCI SSC Approved Scanning Vendor. Bankcard Brokers makes sure to assist all of our merchants with communications with the vendor and the process to make it as seamless as possible to set up their quarterly scan schedule. 

Yes, there is an additional cost that will come with completing the scan every quarter, however, that cost comes with the added security and protection from a breach that comes with knowing your vulnerabilities and being able to take action to fix them. More importantly, it also comes with added protection for the merchant in the event that there were a breach.  Once the vendor has completed a detailed review of the merchants card data environment they will provide the merchant with their Report on Compliance (RoC) that can be turned into the PCI DSS as proof of PCI Compliance. 

Merchants should view PCI Compliance as an ongoing process that will morph as technology advances and fraud adapts. Protecting sensitive data from fraudsters not only protects your customers, but also protects your reputation,  brand and sales, as well as protecting your business from expensive lawsuits, insurance claims, and fines.

In the event that you ever find that you are being charged a Non-Compliance Fee, I urge you to give us a call right away. Our ETA-Certified Payments Professionals can answer any questions and advise you towards steps to become compliant quickly and as painlessly as possible. Likely, it is just that you haven’t filled out your questionnaire!! […]

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STILL Saying NO To Discover? But Why?

Why do some  businesses still not want to accept Discover cards? 

Past perception is mostly responsible for many SMB owner’s hesitance when it comes to accepting Discover Card as a payment form.  Both Discover and American Express operate on their own network, while Visa and MasterCard operate through the Visa Interchange Network. This gives them the […]

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EU’s PSD2 SCA Affects U.S. Merchants And Consumers

PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirement goes into effect on September 14th, 2019.

In this day of global eCommerce, any new security measures that are mandated for payment transactions can affect merchants and consumers, regardless of where the business is operating. Last year the  EEA-European Economic Area experienced new security measures go into effect for all […]

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SMBs #1 Security Risk (And What To Do About It)

Data has become one of the most valuable commodities on the market today (and the dark web), even more than the value of oil. Not just for insights into consumers for marketing means, but for cyber criminals too. The sheer value of a company’s data makes unsecured data the most sought after commodity for cyber […]

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Clover POS – What Is All The Hype About?

As a business owner, one of the first things to take into consideration when it comes to conducting daily business is what type of POS system should be invested in to manage the business, if any at all.

But maybe what you should be considering is a system that is not just a POS but an […]

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Consumer Demand Pulls Restaurants Into EMV Compliance

Will mobile payments and pay-at-the-table options help restaurants finally step up and become EMV compliant?

EMV is a global standard. The U.S. has lagged behind most other countries only implementing EMV compliant payment technology since 2015, while the technology has enjoyed widespread adoption across the pond since the early 1990’s. With the roll out of […]

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Recurring Payments In A “Subscription Society”

Within a very recent past there has been a time where consumers possessed a sort of unsavory perception of being involved in a recurring billing situation. They viewed it as somehow getting ”sucked in”. Like that protein powder that keeps showing up even though you haven’t even used the last one you got!

But times […]

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Contactless Payments- The U.S. Is Behind The Times

Historically, the U.S. has lagged behind European countries’ adoption of more secure payment technology. We have only recently integrated to EMV compliance, years after countries like Europe, the UK and Poland. Our adoption of “tap to pay”, or contactless, payments is no different. Outside of the U.S. however, many of our surrounding countries are already […]

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Consequences of A High Chargeback Ratio- Part 2-How To Fix It

Most businesses and business owners do not realize that more than 80% of claims filed for a chargeback are attributed to “friendly fraud”. In other words, only about 20% of chargebacks claimed are due to actual theft and use of stolen credentials. However those numbers have been increasing and especially with companies who make it […]

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Consequences-High Chargeback Ratios Part 1

As a business owner accepting payments you have probably heard the term “chargeback ratio” and may even be aware of what it means for your business. IF you happen to be operating in the Ecommerce realm you are most likely highly aware of the dreaded chargeback and the ramifications a high ratio can have on […]

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Medical Marijuana Doctors- The Payments Rx

Never mind that 33 of our 50 states now have some level of legalization for the use of cannabis for medical purposes, if you are a practicing physician who believes in the efficacy of the use of marijuana as a positive treatment for your patients, you are up for a challenge to say the least. […]

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Visa’s Tightening The Noose On Merchant Chargebacks

Visa is letting merchants know: clean house by Oct 1st, or else.

Visa and MasterCard both set thresholds for the amount of chargebacks and fraudulent incidences they will allow a business to have, before action must be taken. Now they are tightening the noose so to speak on just how much they will allow merchants to […]

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Why Do You Need A Credit Card Processor?

And What Do They Do For Me Anyway?
As a merchant have you ever wondered how credit card processing really works? Probably not.

But, what you probably have wondered at least once in your life as a business owner is why you have to pay so much, or why it is hard to get approved for […]

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The 3 Best Options For Cannabis Payment Processing Right Now

The Cannabis industry has no doubt made a permanent impact upon the national economy. There are currently 47 states with legalized cannabis, in one form or another, and still we are trying to gain access to banking and payments for the industry.

As the cannabis industry steadily plows forward it is likely there will be […]

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MSP, ISO, PayPal, PayFac? I Don’t Know, I Just Want To Accept Payments

It can be confusing to a merchant just how all this accepting credit cards and payment processing works let alone understand all the terminology and where all the players involved in accepting credit cards fit into the puzzle.

It’s enough work for a merchant to undertake and understand the inner workings of each aspect of […]

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Can Biometrics Take A Bite Out Of Cybercrime?

The short answer is yes.

However, nothing is 100% effective. Biometrics is just one layer but combined with multiple layers of authentication it has the potential to seriously up the game. Anytime you make it more difficult for an online fraudster to bypass a certain authentication you make it difficult for them to achieve success. […]

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EU PSD2 Regulations Affect Global eCommerce In America

The new payments directive in the EU has the potential to affect global eCommerce players right here in America.

There are big changes to follow in the coming years in the world of eCommerce payments in Europe now that the final elements of PSD2 (the Payments Services Directive #2) will become fully implemented later this summer. […]

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Prepaid Cards: The Bank Of Choice (for the under-banked)

First let’s talk about what we actually mean by “PrePaid Card”.

Oftentimes what we think of when we say prepaid card is something like that $50 Visa gift card you pick up at your neighborhood supermarket for your nephews birthday, but the term “prepaid cards” actually encompass a rather large group of loadable cards intended for […]

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Move Over eComm- Brick And Mortar Is The Future

Where our society is headed over the next few years in the world of brick and mortar retail and the world of eCommerce sales will be intertwined like an elegant waltz with its graceful and constant, wide-sweeping turns each in tune with the other, circling yet inexplicably drawn together.

One of the hardest things to do […]

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2019 Trends That May Affect How You Do Business

At the start of every new year professionals all across the various markets like to talk about, and even make predictions about, what we can expect in the year ahead. We in the payments arena always, always, have our eye on the advancements being made to help merchants and consumers alike enjoy a frictionless experience. […]

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10 Tips To Productively Handle Negative Social Media

In this time of inter connectivity through multitudes of social media avenues, we as businesses are more connected to our customers than ever before. Social Media furnishes us with an avenue to not only connect, but engage our customers and establish trust.  There was a time when a disgruntled customer would talk about their bad […]

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Credit Card Fees Are Expensive, Merchants Are Fighting Back

And winning.

A trend is sweeping the nation and that trend is that merchants are getting tired of how much it costs them to accept credit cards. Merchants are beginning to stand up fight for the right to pass on the costs of accepting credit cards to their customers by introducing a credit card surcharge to […]

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Is MasterCard’s Free Trial Policy A Hassle For Merchants?

There’s been a lot of chatter around the web since last Wednesday when MasterCard announced new rules and requirements for merchants running recurring billing subscriptions that kick in right after a so called “free trial” ends.

Offering a trial version of your product is a great way to introduce customers to your product and increase […]

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Restaurant Industry Loses The Race In EMV Compliance

The State of EMV Compliance In Restaurants.

The fact of the matter is restaurants are the number 1 establishment plagued with credit card theft next to gas stations. Skimming of the magnetic stripe to extract the data needed to create counterfeit cards is fairly simple. Chip cards, however, utilize unique digital data to complete transactions that […]

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What Post-Holiday Slump?

How to keep those sales pouring in.

When you are in the business of retail or Ecommerce sales you know that you live in a season driven world. We have just popped out of what is arguably the busiest and most lucrative time of year and landed in a sea of busy-ness, none of which is […]

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How IoT Is Changing The Retail Space

Everyday, we as consumers are accepting and integrating more and more “things” into our daily lives without even a thought. Things that are connecting us to other things and people. There was a time when people first started using a device, a desktop or laptop, to connect to the internet. Now we have multiple devices […]

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How To Build An eCommerce Website That Converts

Did you know that shopping cart abandonment accounts for about 35% of sales losses? That means that if you can practice a few tweaks to your site to reduce the incidence that people leave the site without purchasing the items they have added to their cart you would be able to increase your sales by […]

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How Storefronts Compete In An eCommerce World

In such a fast moving world it can seem like physical retail stores have no chance against the online retail world.  There are any number of conveniences people tout as why they like online shopping – large selections of items, lower prices, the perceived savings of gas and time,  having the item just show up […]

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Ready For A New POS? (But Don’t Know How To Pick One)

Your POS system is arguably one of the most important elements of your business. Many business owners spend a lot of time and effort developing their actual business model and product but look at their POS system and merchant account as almost an after thought. It takes patience and due diligence to pick the best […]

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7 Reasons You Need Your Own Gift Cards Now!

If you’re not looking to increase sales and gain new customers don’t read this!

We’re smack in the middle of the largest gift card buying time of the year! Did you know that gift card giving accounts for $100 billion in sales annually? But more importantly half of all of those sales happen during the holiday […]

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Processing Fees: Visa Tells Merchants To Deal With It!

Merchants are finally standing up to credit card brands.
There have been a couple of new developments in the credit card issuing and processing industry lately, developments that will undoubtedly affect merchants.

The thing is everything effects the merchants. The question is: will they affect merchants in a positive way? Merchants truly are the cog that makes […]

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Merchant Cash Advance- How To Get The Egg Without A Chicken

Dilemma: You can’t make more money until you expand your business, you can’t expand your business until you make more money.

The unfortunate truth in the business world today is that banks prefer to lend large amounts and only to businesses that are of a considerable size. This leaves small and medium sized businesses who […]

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What Is This Cash Discount Craze?

Merchants are sick and tired of paying the high cost of credit card processing.

There’s this new, exciting  (not really new by the way) program for saving money on credit card processing that Merchant Service Providers and their salesman are pushing more and more these days. Industry mags are calling it the wave of the future […]

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These Are Not The Rates You Promised!

What if I told you there is a way to save up to 30% on your merchant service fees?

Would that interest you enough to keep reading? As a service that most merchants cannot run a business without, we are always striving to help show our merchants various ways to help keep the costs associated […]

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Cannabis Banking Realized

And really a banking solution for ALL of the under- and un-banked (not just cannabis)…

Some business are just between a rock and a hard spot. They’ve got goods to offer that people of the world want and need but they keep coming up against road blocks hindering them from getting them into their hands. Because […]

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The Global Battle Over Forex Payment Processing

If you are reading this article you are probably involved in The Foreign Exchange Market in one way or another. I don’t have to explain to you what Forex is, how it works, or talk about how difficult it is to acquire a merchant account to commence business transactions the way all other merchants are […]

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Banks Don’t Like Cannabis Businesses, But We Do.

While every type of business may someday find themselves in a situation where they need more capital to move forward, expand or get through a slow season, not every business can just pop on down to their local bank and apply for a loan. Bank services such as loans and equipment leasing are just not […]

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So, You Want Free Credit Card Processing Do You?

So, you say you want free credit card processing?

There’s a ton of credit card processors offering it nowadays. But, how can they really do that?  Is anything really ever free?
Is there actually such a thing as free credit card processing?
There is no such thing as free credit card processing. Unfortunately, there is just no way […]

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10 Most Commonly Overlooked Points When Picking A Retail POS System

Your Point Of Sale system is the like nervous system of your business. It literally controls everything. Any business owner with long-term success in mind realizes that their Point of Sale system is truly a fundamental building block in the business strategy. You need to be strategic in choosing a POS that will drive the […]

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TouchBistro© – A Restaurant POS Dream Come True

Running a restaurant is hard. It’s probably one of the hardest businesses one could have a dream of opening. Having a dream, amazing food and a vibrant atmosphere aren’t the only things a budding entrepreneur needs on their side to run a successful restaurant. Whether it’s a full service restaurant, quick serve, or a cute […]

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Trends In Medical Marijuana Credit Card Processing To Watch

For the medical marijuana industry accepting credit cards, or any kind of payment really, is a tricky business. Unfortunately due to the disparity of laws between the states and the federal government medical marijuana dispensaries often end up accepting payments through a series of loopholes and procedural grey areas. Not all credit card processors operate […]

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Are Your Merchant Services Out Of Date?

As a business owner, you know you need a merchant service provider. What you may not know, however, is whether or not your merchant services are out of date. If your business has been around for a while and you can’t remember the last time you updated your merchant services, or saw your processor’s field […]

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Five Clarifications On Credit Card Processing Companies

So you know you need to be able to accept credit cards if you want your business to be a successful one and to do this you realize you will need a merchant account. You may even know that in order to get one you need to find yourself a decent merchant service provider (MSP). […]

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Clover Insights Will Turn You Into A Mind Reader

Build it and they will come. In today’s world consumers have so many choices of where and how they want to shop for their goods, you can no longer just open the doors and assume your customers will come and you can just sit back and let the business do its thing.  It’s not enough […]

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eChecks, Not Your Grandma’s Checks

With so many options out there for making our payments consumers have more choices than ever. It is easy to assume that paying for items with a check has become something of the past. While the check payment has evolved along with new technology, it is still as strong as ever a form of payment. […]

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CBD Merchants Ostracized By Shopify

CBD merchants are having a tough time these days. Operating in legal grey area between state laws and federal black cloud making it difficult to sell, accept payments, even market their products. But now, many merchants offering CBD products are even finding trouble just keeping their websites up and operating. It seems that recently Shopify […]

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Chargebacks Happen. Learn How To Fight Back.

As a business owner who accepts credit cards I am fairly sure you are at least familiar with the chargeback, but let’s briefly explain it anyway. When a customer files for a reversal of a payment made to a merchant with their credit card issuing bank it is called a chargeback. The bank forces […]

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Roadmap For E-commerce Success

Operating an Ecommerce site is a fantastic way to have a business of your own while also maintaining more control over your own work schedule. The dream looks something like this: You can work however much you want and from wherever you want. You’re spending more time with your kids and income comes in while […]

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Cannabis Delivery Companies Go Cashless

Why aren’t more cannabis companies utilizing this legal loophole for accepting payments?

Walking the tightrope between legal state laws and illegal federal law has made it impossible for Cannabis businesses to open a traditional merchant account for accepting credit cards. I know, I know, there are some who will say you can. Let’s try to focus […]

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Credit Card Surcharges- The Hype And The Low Down

Surcharging VS Cash discount – pros/cons should your business do it?

While credit card surcharging seems to be all over payments news lately it really is nothing new. We have been talking about and working towards educating our clients about the option for credit card surcharging as well as better alternatives for quite some time now. […]

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Online Gaming Merchant Account- How To Beat The Odds

To an acquiring bank an online gaming business represents a multitude of less than appealing situations. The rules and regulations are inconsistent from state to state and are continually changing. These types of sites are generally an easy target for credit card fraud. Unfortunately, online gambling sites fall victim to a higher instance of data […]

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Tech Support Payment Processing – Finally Something You Can Rely On!

As we find we are incorporating more and more technology in our lives, were are also finding more need for the tech support companies that service the industry. And they are not just needed when something goes wrong. Tech support is also who you call when you need to get certain parts of your business […]

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How To Accept Credit Cards Online The Easy (And Right) Way

Opening an online store, or just ready to monetize your existing website? Maybe you have a brick and mortar shop and you’d like to start selling some of your products online as well. Sure you can accept PayPal on your website and even take payments through ACH, but there are a lot of studies that […]

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Nutraceuticals-They Might As Well Be Weed

How Banks Are Blacklisting Nutracuetical Companies And What They Can Do About It.
A few months ago we published an article about how difficult it is for companies in the Nutraceutical Industry to qualify for and keep a merchant account to allow them to sell their goods and take payments for said goods. One would think […]

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Sorry John Hancock, “no signature required”.

If you’re a merchant in the United States you’re probably already well aware of the new credit card signature requirements, or lack there-of, coming into effect next month. But, if for some reason you’ve been too busy, haven’t paid attention to the news, or maybe you’ve just been on vacation-since last October- and have not […]

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Why Add Fraud Costs To Your 2018 Budget Plan?

Is credit card fraud something that crosses your mind when you think about what it takes to run your business?

Well if it isn’t, it most definitly should be. Various different types of credit card fraud costs businesses billions of dollars annually and has been increasing every year since 2013. It is estimated that fraud […]

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PCI Compliance: Security Police Will Shut You Down

There’s a new lawman in town, and his name is PCI Compliance. If you’re one of those merchants that like to treat the rules surrounding PCI compliance like the mall cop of credit card processing you’re soon in for a rude awakening. Ignore this one thing and all your payment transactions will come to a […]

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Ecommerce CBD Merchant Accounts- Get The Facts

**UPDATE** Not only are the laws changing with regards to CBD but so are the payments options, since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill much has changed for merchants selling CBD. For the most up to date information and options for accepting payments for CBD see our newest article here!

FACT:  No E-commerce site selling […]

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Think Your EMV Chip Card Can’t Be Hacked?

If you think the EMV chips cards are impervious, think again.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Criminals will always find a way to get what they want. Everytime we add another layer of protection against credit card fraud, adept criminal minds will set out to crack it. When credit and debit cards were switched […]

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Apple Pay-What’s With The U.S.’s Slow Adoption?

If you go around and ask people how often they use their mobile payment technology they’d probably say “What?”, or try to go out in your hometown and interview half the merchants asking them if they accept mobile payments and you’d probably hear “Oh we’re not set up for that.”

It seems like this is a […]

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Dentists-Tired Of Having Your Wallet Extracted?

Recently, I read through an article written by an irritated employee who realized she was being grossly overcharged for her credit card processing and decided to take on the daunting task of finding better credit card processing rates for her dental office. What she ended up finding was an industry ripe with underhanded tactics and […]

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California Won! So You Think You Can Add A Surcharge?

Think Again!
You may have heard California won the lawsuit on the state’s ban on credit card surcharging, but what does that mean?
A little history first…..

A prohibition on adding a surcharge to credit card purchases went into effect in California in 1985. The statute states that it is meant to “promote the effective operation of the […]

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Revamp Your Merchant Account and Lower Your Fees

Trust me. We are well aware of how business owners feel about paying for credit card processing fees!

Most businesses don’t just look at them as paying for a service or just part of the cost of running a business, some merchants absolutely loathe paying for them. So, that being said, I’m here to tell […]

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What If You Could Increase Sales By 35% Right Now?

What if I told you that you could increase sales by 35% just by making a few small tweaks ?
Can you imagine if people were to walk into a store and start filling their cart with a bunch of items they like and might want to buy, but then got a phone call they “just […]

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Should You Be Accepting Bitcoin For Payments?

The use of cryptocurrency is on the rise but are merchants ready for mainstream adoption?

As for as its use in the world of commerce there are quite a few benefits to consumers and  merchants alike. It’s decentralization makes it easier to complete cross border transactions, transactions that are also much more secure than our current […]

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What Is This 1099-k And How Can It Cost 28% Of My Income?

What is this 1099-k and why am I receiving it? How to button up the end of the year..

The 1099-k “Payment Card and Third Party Network Transactions” form is a form required by the IRS to inform them of the amount of credit card transactions a business has processed and includes “the gross amount of […]

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Eliminate Credit Card Fees? Yes. Yes You Can.

Could the idea of lowering, or even eliminating, your credit card fees be more than just a pipe dream? Is there a world where the costs associated with merchants accepting credit cards, and customers enjoying the convenience of using their credit cards, are bore more equally? There was a time when consumers paid with both […]

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Is Clover The Best Point Of Sale System?

It’s true there is no shortage of various different POS systems to choose from already making narrowing the field an intimidating task, but it seems like these days there is a fancy new one on the market everyday. Clover POS system is one of those exciting solutions that has long been capturing a well earned […]

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Matchmaking- How To Find A POS You Can Fall In Love With

It would be easy to disregard the importance of the role your POS, or Point Of Sale system, plays in your business. Because they tend to go hand in hand, many business owners regard their merchant processing and POS system as necessary evils, just some of the extra headaches you have to deal with when […]

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Artificial Intelligence: How Your Business And Customers Will Benefit

What kind of roll does Artificial Intelligence (AI) play in your everyday life? Does AI really have any affect on us yet? We are actually exposed to artificial intelligence everyday without really thinking about it. Most people think of Artificial Intelligence, if they even think about it at all, as something that only exists in […]

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How Timeshare Benefits From ACH Processing


The Timeshare industry gets a pretty bad rap doesn’t it? I mean first of all, even though it’s a perfectly legal business it is often viewed by many as some sort of scam.  Then doing business is made immensely more difficult due to being shunned by domestic banks who view Timeshare companies as high risk […]

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How To Give Your Business A Pre-Holiday Tune-Up

The Holiday shopping season is roaring towards us at full speed. Is your business prepared to handle the pressure? It is never too early to start preparing for the “most wonderful time of the year”.

Summer is just behind us and the holiday season is peering around the corner, this shoulder season is the perfect time […]

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Don’t Let Your Travel Merchant Account Keep You From Flying

It’s kind of ridiculous that an industry that contributes $1.5 trillion U.S. to the total GDP and creates more than 5.5 million jobs in the U.S. alone has a difficult time getting a merchant account so they can accept credit cards.

This is an industry that is forecasted to increase that contribution to more than $2.6 […]

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Your Personal Gift Card Program-It’s Like A Gift To Yourself

It’s the Holiday (gift card) Season! Labor Day is behind us and the holidays are coming at us fast. Sept, Oct, and Nov are three of the biggest gift card purchasing months of the year.

In fact, gift card sales account for about $100 billion in sales annually. And 50% of all gift card sales happen […]

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Cannabis Industry- Grow With A Merchant Cash Advance

Are you ready to expand your cannabis business or take things to the next level? Is money the only thing holding you back because you believe there is no cannabis industry financing?

Sure, many entrepreneurs have innovative ideas of how to improve their business, bolster sales or dream of being able to expand. If they don’t […]

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Merchant Cash Advance- How To Take It To The Next Level

What’s holding you back? Are you wanting to expand your business and take things to the next level?
Many entrepreneurs have dreams or innovative ideas of ways to improve their business and bolster sales but don’t quite have the capital to do it.

Even though there are many alternative loan options available now that are becoming much […]

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Using Mobile Payments/NFC Tech To Its Full Potential


Do you offer your customer’s the option of payment with NFC or contactless mobile payments? IF not, why? If you do, are they using it and are you using it to its full potential?


Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay are leading the industry in digital wallets which allow consumers to use their smartphone to […]

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Chargebacks- The Darkside Of Accepting Credit Cards

As a legitimate business in the 21st century you have to be able to accept credit cards. There are no if, ands or buts about it. It is just what consumers expect these days. Accepting credit cards can help you increase your customer base by adding convenience for them and lending a professional image to […]

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EMV-You’re Compatible-EMV You’re Still At Risk

We’ve had a slew of data breaches in the news lately, both big and small. From cloud based login manager OneLogin to Deep Roots Analytics, who store millions of American voter’s information. From the worldwide cyberattacks WannaCry and the more recent ExPetr, both demanding bitcoin ransom, to the Verizon debacle just a few days ago. […]

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Payment Gateways Aren’t Just For E-Commerce Anymore

Every merchant, no matter how big or small they are, needs a way to take payments in exchange for whatever wares they are offering. Whether you are as big as Costco or small as, well, as small as the single one-man-show operating his/her Etsy account.

Long gone are the days where a shop owner flips the […]

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Tobacco- Merchant Accounts Riddled With Regulation

Take a walk through Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, and you’ll find plenty of “head” shops. These stores, which usually sell tobacco products and other items related to smoking and vaping, now have competition from online tobacco resellers.  E-commerce opportunities have opened up a whole new world for this industry.
Why is the tobacco industry labeled “high […]

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Attorneys Need A Special Kind Of Merchant Account

For many lawyers, especially new lawyers, trying to run your practice can be more difficult than actually practicing law. The rigors of running the office itself can be extremely time consuming leaving you little time to actually grow your practice.

When considering the average attorney’s receivables, it can take at least 30 days and even up […]

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Payday/ Title Loan And Merchant Accounts- A Win-Win

We all know how important it is for a business to be able to accept credit cards as a form of payment in this day and age. If you want to own a successful business in these modern times where consumers are always in a hurry, expect the ultimate in convenience and efficiency then you […]

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CC Surcharge- Help Your Bottom Line Or Hurt Your Reputation?

What is a credit card surcharge and how did it come about?
As we get closer to a cashless society, as more and more people stray away from using cash on an everyday basis and pulling out the plastic is commonplace, merchants have had to keep up with the times. If you don’t accept credit your […]

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POS Provider Unqualified? It Could Cost You

 Keeping up with the ever changing security requirements of the payment industry.
If you’ve been in business for a while you are probably well aware of your PCI compliance requirements as a business and that you have to verify them annually. But the laws and requirements are in constant update mode and it can be difficult […]

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Online Shopping: How NOT To Annoy And Drive Away Customers

Think like your shoppers think and you’re bound to increase your sales.
What is the goal of every e commerce shopping site? Create happy customers that return over and over and increase sales. The consumers of today have lives that are increasingly busy and overbooked. People are on the go and on their devices and all […]

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How To Reduce Card-Not-Present Fraud


E-commerce and MOTO- You’ve got a target on your back.

Fraudsters are very adaptable types and they are ever searching for new and unique ways to get what they want. It seems like they are always one step ahead of any safeguards people are using to keep themselves safe and they are quick to adapt to […]

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Biometric Authentication: The Wave Of The Future

Are biometrics just a fun new way to unlock our Iphone or is it a yellow brick road to a cashless society?

Biometrics describes the unique biological measurements of a person that can be digitized and turned into a traceable record. Some of the most common types of use are fingerprint scanners, voice verification, or retina […]

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8 Tips To Help You Navigate Your Merchant Services

Consumerism is an increasingly competitive marketplace.  Studies show that over 133 million people own at least one credit card and these days customers prefer the convenience of using credit/debit cards over cash. Many small business owners want to just continue with ease of only accepting cash. They believe that shopping for merchant services is just […]

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Do most small businesses really still operate on checks?


Yes, actually, they do. In a time where electronic payments have become commonplace everywhere from online purchases to using your cellphone’s e-wallet to pay it’s hard to believe that many companies still write and accept paper checks. For many small and medium sized businesses it’s difficult to take advantage of the benefits of the faster […]

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Friendly Fraud- A Manageable Evil

Friendly fraud and chargeback fraud is so common these days you might think it’s just a necessary evil when running a business.
Chargebacks are every business’s worst nightmare and chargeback fraud costs eCommerce businesses billions of dollars a year. Loss of sales revenue aren’t the only costs. There are also fees associated with each chargeback as […]

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Tiered Pricing is Evil

The tiered pricing scheme is evil whether being used with a high risk merchant accounts or traditional “retail” merchant account to accept credit cards.  I say it is evil because tiered pricing is designed to deceive and maximize the profits of your payment processor.  Whether your business is a restaurant, an eCommerce business, or a […]

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How Does Shopping Cart Abandonment Affect Your Business?

Many people do a majority of their shopping online these days. Most users are accustomed to finding a great item and placing it into a “shopping cart,” often with the intent to complete the purchase.  However, statistics show three out of four consumers don’t follow through to actually purchasing the item. This is known as […]

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Is your POS a Beacon?

The term beacon is often used to describe something that guides something else.
Webster’s Dictionary defines a it as “ a strong light that can be seen from far away and that is used to help guide ships, airplanes, etc.”  This terminology is becoming well known in business marketing as well. A beacon, in this sense, is […]

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Selfie Pay – the Answer to Credit Card Fraud?

You finally just got set up with EMV so now – Are you ready for SelfiePay?  
In January 2007 the iPhone was released as the first smartphone in the world and  Steve Ballmer called it “the most expensive phone in the world” yet by March they claimed 18% (just over 3 million handsets) of the […]

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PCI Compliance Update – Are you Ready?

Over the last few years, despite ever more rigorous PCI compliance requirements, there has been a notable increase in data breaches. Large companies such as Target and Home Depot have been hacked and information about transactions and customers has been stolen.  However, the problem of data theft isn’t limited to large companies. Small businesses have […]

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What is a Basis Point? Merchant Account Rates.

In today’s modern world, it’s nearly impossible to keep a business going if you don’t accept credit cards. People just don’t use cash that much anymore and who carries around personal checks these days? Whether it is debit or credit, it’s more often than not its a bankcard world when it comes to paying for […]

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High Risk Payment Processing: What’s A Merchant to Do? [Infographic]

Finding a merchant provider when your business is considered high risk can seem like a daunting task, what with rejections and often high fees. Bankcard Brokers has experience working with high risk industries and offers payment processing you can trust. Our infogrpahic below shares statistics on the top high risk industries, what contributes to a […]

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Cloud Based Tablet POS Systems

There is no question that the business world has been undergoing nonstop changes over the last decade or so.  In many industries, people perform tasks in a different way than in the past.  We have gone from hardware based computing technology that took up entire rooms to cloud based tablets more powerful than ever imagined. […]

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Understanding the Cost of your Merchant Services to Accept Credit Cards

Have you ever picked up your business mail, opened your merchant services statement and just screamed at the top of your lungs?  Don’t feel bad, so many business owners are confused by their merchant services statements that they truly have no idea what accepting credit cards is costing them!  In this article we compare the […]

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EMV Spurs eCommerce Fraud

Wherever one finds commerce, one is also likely to find fraud and theft. Sounds like a fortune cookie, right? It’s pretty much a fact. There will always be people looking for ways to steal information in order to fill their own pockets with other people’s money.  With the new EMV chip card technology, would be thieves’ […]

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Gain an Understanding of Evolving Payment Methods

The payment processing industry continues to evolve with modern technology. As mobile use continues to grow, payment methods used through a mobile device are keeping up with that trend. Use our checklist as a reference to learn about more recent payment methods such as Bitcoin and NFC payments.


Download our Evolving Payment Methods Checklist Here

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3 Benefits of Using an ETA Certified Payments Professional

Savvy merchants should demand ETA certified payments professionals (ETA CPP) when choosing their merchants services provider. The ETA certification is a symbol of excellence within the payment industry and brings along many advantages. Our checklist below highlights three great benefits of choosing an ETA certified payment professional. Feel free to download this resource at the […]

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What is TLS Security?

As EMV continues being implemented in the United States, businesses will see a reduction in fraud related to “in person” transactions. EMV technology works to prevent criminals from re-using stolen credit card data, however, this could cause an increase in other types of fraud, especially “card not present” transactions. Ecommerce is booming and retailers are not […]

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EMV vs NFC – How to accept modern payments.

Get your FREE EMV/NFC terminal today!

If you’re a US resident who has traveled to Europe within the last several years and used a credit card to pay for something, you may have been asked if your credit card was “chip and pin.” Prior to the last year or two, you probably responded either with “no,” […]

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How to Ensure Your High Risk Business is PCI Compliant

If your business processes, retains, or transmits credit card information, you most likely know that you are expected to be PCI compliant.  Any group that processes, retains, or transmits credit cardholder data is expected to be PCI compliant. Compliance is based on the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) as developed by a […]

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