How Does Shopping Cart Abandonment Affect Your Business?

Many people do a majority of their shopping online these days. Most users are accustomed to finding a great item and placing it into a “shopping cart,” often with the intent to complete the purchase.  However, statistics show three out of four consumers don’t follow through to actually purchasing the item. This is known as […]

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PCI Compliance Update – Are you Ready?

Over the last few years, despite ever more rigorous PCI compliance requirements, there has been a notable increase in data breaches. Large companies such as Target and Home Depot have been hacked and information about transactions and customers has been stolen.  However, the problem of data theft isn’t limited to large companies. Small businesses have […]

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High Risk Payment Processing: What’s A Merchant to Do? [Infographic]

Finding a merchant provider when your business is considered high risk can seem like a daunting task, what with rejections and often high fees. Bankcard Brokers has experience working with high risk industries and offers payment processing you can trust. Our infogrpahic below shares statistics on the top high risk industries, what contributes to a […]

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E-Wallet Payment Processing – What Business Owners Need to Know [Infographic]

Look anywhere and you will someone on their smartphone. Old or young, mobile rules the world. With that in mind, consumer purchasing trends are advancing beyond physical wallets and plastic cards. Shoppers are now able to utilize electronic payments through their cellular phones. Consumers are able to store their credit and debit cards in their […]

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Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts [Infographic]

The Nutraceutical Industry Often Struggles with Merchant Accounts to Accept Credit Cards.  

Recently, for instance, one of the world’s largest acquiring (or processing) banks shut down their entire portfolio of nutraceutical merchant accounts leaving thousands of legitimate domestic and international nutritional supplement manufacturers without a means to service their customers.  Having a merchant account provider […]

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